Posted by: drrozkaplan | January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Do they have rehab for nonspecific angst?  If so, I may think about checking in.  No, never mind, I guess I’ll just make it my New Year’s resolution to detox myself.  Ok- here’s all the things I would have to do if I really followed through on the New Year’s resolutions that would make me healthier:  meditate daily, drink water, stop alcohol completely, stop eating sugar, stop drinking coffee, stop obsessing about things I can’t do anything about, remember the birthdays of all my friends and relatives, get more aerobic exercise, lose 5 pounds, put all the viable things I’ve written onto the computer, and never yell at my children.  Oh, and call all the friends I’ve fallen out of touch with.  I’m sure I’ve missed about 20 more.  Yeah, maybe I should check into that rehab after all.

What am I really going to try to do?  Well, I’m serious about the alcohol thing.  Not because I drink too much.  Not at all.  In fact, I am an incredibly cheap date.  Maybe 1 glass of wine  or a gin and tonic one or two nights a week, at most.  But it gives me a migraine, and I do it anyway.  So it’s time to seriously consider becoming a complete abstainer.  I think I will try to cut down on the sugar and caffeine (maybe I can replace them with water?), and I’m going to WORK on the stress and obsessing in general.  The stress is probably what will kill me in the long run, if any of this will.  Today, I will call some friends I’ve been out of touch with. I think that’s about the most I’m gonna accomplish.  We’ll see if it lasts for more than a couple weeks.  Wish me luck.  How about you?  Any grand and lofty plans?  I know when Larry and I hit the gym today it will be PACKED.  Such is the nature of starting the year.

New Year’s Eve was fun, because it was spent with friends.  Nice meal, laughs over various happy, sad, and ridiculous events of the previous year, and other New Year’s Eve celebrations.  Case in point about the alcohol, though. I had a martini and one glass of champagne and, while I didn’t get a headache, I had the paradoxical effect of being unable to fall asleep until 4 am.  My poor husband, also a migraine sufferer, had one glass of champagne, and got a vicious headache from it. ( I think we’ll be abstaining from alcohol together. )   We all watched Dick Clark’s New Year’s on TV and agreed that he looked like a ventriloquist’s mannequin.  We wondered if perhaps the real Dick Clark was no longer alive and they were trying to fool us with a dummy.  Larry actually looked it up on his Blackberry  on a very handy internet site called ‘Who’s Dead and Who’s’  We found that he is alive and 82 years old, so we were wrong.  While we were at it, we checked on some other people we weren’t sure about.  My husband is a geek, but he does provide important infomation.  And he’s a cute geek.

Today will be a day of transition.  Although there is still a weekend between this day and returning to work, I feel like I need to move out of the sluggish mode I was in, the one I think many of us were put in by the holiday season.  I kept putting things off because it was ‘the holidays’.  People were away, so emails and edits and phone calls were put off.  Decisions were put off.  There was no point in trying to clean up my diet because there was so much candy and so many baked goods around the office and so many parties to attend.  I kept drinking that glass of wine at the parties even though I knew I was going to get a headache.  I drank more coffee because I was tired from the holiday schedule of parties and my kids being around with no structure.  It seemed like there was no hope of getting on top of any of it.  Today I feel like I can start the process of getting on top of it.  It’s nice to have the weekend to get an extra jump start before that work schedule kicks in.

I’m thinking of cutting my hair, too.  I can be pretty superficial sometimes.  A new look can be a good transition too.



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