Posted by: drrozkaplan | January 4, 2010

Re-entry Crisis

It is so hard getting ready to go back to work tomorrow after this prolonged holiday period.  The last couple days I have been enjoying relative freedom- not on call, the onslaught of holiday parties has ended, my son has returned to college for winter sports practice, and my daughter has been entertaining herself with her friends.  I’ve been writing, reading, exercising, sleeping and catching up with my friends.  Sure, I did some laundry and grocery shopping, but not under time pressure.  And Larry and I even hit some of the post-holiday sales near us for a couple things we wanted.  But it has to end, and tomorrow is back to business as usual.

I’m expecting a bit of an onslaught at work.  People will come back from vacations or surface from their holiday celebrating and realize they have neglected their health.  Some people will have made New Year’s resolutions to take care of their health needs and will want appointments for that reason.  I also noticed that all my friends are sick right now-colds, flu, sore throats, etc.  So I think we’re headed into a new onslaught of respiratory illnesses.  Maybe swine flu, which has been been in a bit of a lull, is gearing up for the third wave, which has been predicted.  I hope not, but we have to be prepared.  I feel very fortunate to be armed with a supply of swine flu vaccine for my high-risk patients right now.  The supply has been unpredictable her in Pennsylvania, where, for various reasons, the distribution of the vaccine has been erratic.  There are still lots of college kids who have not been vaccinated.  Most of those kids are at home on winter break right now, so I will likely have some of them coming through my office for vaccination as well.

My daughter will start back to school tomorrow, too.  There will be homework and ACT tutoring and papers and projects due. She needs to practice her highway driving and parallel parking for her driver’s test.  She needs to put in some time on her drawing portfolio.  Her college counseling process will start this month (OMG, as the kids say- oh, my G-d).  She has work on Saturday.

I have writing workshop tomorrow night.  Book revision deadline on the 20th.  Commitments to some med students.  Issues to resolve with an employee at work.  Exercise to fit in 5 days out of this week if I’m going to stay on task.  Meetings with a colleague about some research and a possible trip we are going to take to do some of it.

This is without the inevitable drama that will occur- upset kids, a vomiting dog (stay tuned, I’ll get to the special needs dog at some point in the future), and what if one of us gets sick???

I’m getting myself progressively wound up. I think I have to go take a Valium now.  Or maybe I’ll just go watch some mind-numbing TV.  I hope your re-entry is smooth and seamless.



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