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OMG (just in case some of my readers are old and/or uncool, this is text-speak for Oh My God…) I have neglected my blog!  It started with being busy, then I got blog-block (is that a real thing??) because I hadn’t written a post for so long that I started getting anxious about it. What should I write about?  If I haven’t written for a long time, I better have something worthwhile to say….I just got myself all wound up in knots about it, so I didn’t write anything.  Then even when I had something to say, I just ignored the urge to write, and it became BLOG NEGLECT.

When writers have writer’s block, one way to get out of it is to just write about being blocked and how that feels or what is associated with it.  So I thought maybe one way to get out of blog neglect would be to write about being neglectful.  Bear with me here.  Maybe it’s not a good idea, but let’s see what happens.

I really don’t think of myself as a neglectful person.  I am very, very conscientious about the high priority things in my life- my kids, my husband, my patients, my work in general.  In my work and my writing, I am very attentive to detail, down to the tiniest, pickiest things.  I really have to be.  So what are the neglected areas in my life?   Think about it.  What are the neglected areas of YOUR life?  Let’s compare.

First, my home environment.  My house is pretty clean, if you don’t count my kids’ rooms, which I do not take responsibility for anymore.  However, there are problems.  Things like light bulbs that are burnt out and go unchanged for weeks and a closet with a collapsed rod which I’ve pretended not to know about (and haven’t told my husband about) for the last 3 weeks.  These things will be neglected until they bother me enough to do something about them.

The yard, particularly the back patio, reached the status of bothering me enough to do something just today.  In the frenzy of end-of-school-year activities and obligations, it seemed some of our relationships were being neglected.  Solution?  Invite some people for a Memorial Day barbecue.  Great!  We will be seeing at least 4 or 5 of our friends whom we have not seen in months and have really been missing.  But uh-oh-  the patio is literally covered in dead branches, leaves and other debris, the lawn is overgrown, the patio furniture has not been cleaned and somehow I have completely forgotten that I have a flower garden that requires weeding, mulching and general clean-up.  Some neglect comes back to bite you.

We got to work on the patio, lawn and garden today.  The dogs came out to join us while we worked.  And while they were out there, I realized…. they have really been neglected!  Dot, our little Chihuahua mix, was wandering next to the fence.  Which means her Invisible Fence collar is not working.  Whoops, guess we haven’t changed the batteries in a while.  Our Border Collie/Papillon mutt, Ziggy, got a bunch of leaves stuck on him, and when I went to brush him off, I realized he had hair mats behind his ears, near his tail, and in a number of other locations.  And by the way, when was the last time anybody walked those poor dogs?  Has anyone even been feeding them?  I guess so, since there’s food and water in their bowls, but really, we ought to be a little more consistent with their care…

Well, looked like a trip to Petco was in order. Batteries, a trimmer for Ziggy’s mats, some dog food and treats.  Larry and I got in the car, where a dashboard light reminded us that it was thousands of miles overdue for service.  Shit!  Forgot AGAIN to call yesterday to get an appointment to have the car serviced.  Today is a weekend so I can’t call.  No problem, I’ll make a list.  Wait, that might not work, because I made a list yesterday and forgot to look at it.  Maybe I can get my Blackberry to make an alarm go off so I make the call on Tuesday.  Yeah, that’s a good idea…

Turning the car on, I hit my watch against the dashboard, and something came loose.  Damn.  My good watch.  Now I’d have to take it to the jeweler to have it fixed.  Okay, I’d go inside and get my old watch to wear.  I found my old watch, but the battery was dead.  So I pulled out my sports watch.  And the battery in that was dead too.  Guess I neglected to replace my watch batteries.

Before going back out to the car, I grabbed the pile of library books that were on the hall table.  I congratulated myself on this, as I remembered that the books were due today, and I hate being neglectful about library books.

We went to Petco, took care of the watches, and went to the library.  We each picked out a couple new books and went to check them out.  On Larry’s card.  He was told he had $20 in old fines.  So much for avoiding library neglect.

Back at home, we got back to work on the yard.  It will take a couple days to clean up the immediate mess, and then some ongoing work to have it looking good. We really need to hire someone to do some of this.  We neglected it for months.  We can’t expect instant results.

Really, who can stay on top of all of this?  Do you know anyone who can?  Strangely, I know a couple people who seem to, though perhaps it is an illusion.  And no, they are not people who stay home and tend to home and errands all day.  They are people with jobs and kids, and multiple responsibilities.  I haven’t bothered to ask these people how they manage it, though.  Because if it is an illusion, then I have nothing to aspire to.  And if it’s not one, I don’t think I’d ever want to do what I’d have to do to stay under that much control all the time.

Still, it does feel good to pull a few things back into control.  By next week, I  will have a clean yard, watches with batteries, dogs with working collars and no mats, and a blog with recent entries.   Maybe then I can make an appointment to get my damned car serviced.  I might even change a lightbulb or two.



  1. Can’t say I know anyone on top of everything… except my younger sister– but that’s because she’s unhealthily compulsive! Me, I’m ok with missing a bulb or two for a little while so I can go play in the beautiful weather!


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