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Please Read

So I guess I’m an author now.  My book is out, available in my local Border’s bookstore, on,, and Barnes and, as well as directly through my publisher.  The whole thing snuck up on me.  We’d discussed the week of September 13th as the release date, but I guess the publishers changed their minds.  First, a single copy with a congratulations note from my editor came in the mail in the middle of August.  The next week, a big box of the books appeared (all my promo copies).  And another week later, a few people who pre-ordered from Amazon or Borders told me their copies had arrived.  All this felt very strange and surreal.  I wasn’t ready, but then again, what was I supposed to be ready for?

Of course, everyone who tells me they read it also tells me they loved it. People are awfully generous and lovely about this sort of thing.   So far no written reviews have shown up anywhere (too soon, we’re only a week into this!).  So I really don’t know how the book is being received.  Please, if you read it, write to me and give me some honest feedback.  I’d really like to know!

Now I’m starting to peddle my wares.  I’m sending out promo copies to contacts and shopping it around so people will see it and want to buy it.  Setting up some readings in bookstores and coffee shops.  I did a magazine interview the other day with one of the few people who has come to me.  Funny, I used to feel bad about asking for attention, but I’m getting better at it.  If I want this book to sell and I want to get my message across, I have to be visible and promote myself.  The publisher does a little of this for me, but really, any author knows these days that a lot of it is on us.

Take home message for today- Read my book and then tell me what stuck with you, what was helpful and what you think I could have done better.  Thanks!!!!!



  1. I read a lot of books that fall into the general category of “medical memoir” so I have many points of comparison– including some well known doctor/authors like Pauline Chen who writes a column for the NY Times… I can confidently say that you write with the best. I loved the way you balanced coverage of your life as a doctor and your life as a patient, it gave this reader the sense of being torn– much as you must have felt. It was clear even before you said so how you and your husband deal differently with stress, foreshadowing the friction you later discussed so openly. You speak of the challenges of finding a good physician– one that both respects your knowledge as an M.D., but addresses the fear that you feel as a patient. I think this is something that many educated patients feel. I think you also provided just the right amount of medical information using language that makes it accessible to the reader. Finally, your openness made it easy for the reader to viscerally experience your ups and downs as you wove your life with words. Congrats on your achievement, and I’m glad your story had a happy ending.

    • thanks- probably the nicest review I could imagine getting!

      • I hope it’s just the beginning of many more to come! What a way to start the New Year, I hope you have a sweet one- and an easy upcoming fast!

      • Like maybe “practicing with miamonides” speaking of your patients and you experience stepping outside the norm. That essay you wrote years ago would be a good starting point– my point is that you’ve developed a system of medicine that allows you to practice as miamonidies guides… You’ve probably get to develop closer relationships w/ patients, perhaps making a death of a patient particularly painful, while the success of someone you helped save from the grip of anorexia might be particulary rewarding… And then I’m sure there were the patients so self destructive, that you couldn’t help and had to “fire”… I would love to hear more about your interactions with patients and how they’ve changed you! Guess you could say you’re like other great writers… Your readers want more!!! You go Dr Kaplan!


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