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I continue to avoid blogging.   I haven’t figured out adequately what this blog is really about.  So I will ask anyone who is reading it:   does it need to be about one particular thing?  It’s mostly health and wellness, but sometimes I just get random.  Is that okay?  Is random useful?  Do people get something out of the ‘random’ thoughts?

I am doing the ‘Artist’s Way’ program, a 12-week self-guided course by Julia Cameron to help let go of creative blocks and move forward creatively in all aspects of life.  It’s kind of like doing a meditation course, but it focuses on creativity.  I am not yet sure how it is serving me, but I’m only a week in.  As part of the program, I am asking myself what I want to create, and it seems like this blog would be part of that.  What do I want to create in this blog?  I think a forum for reading about health and wellness and overall life balance, which in my mind are completely connected.  You can’t be well without finding the balance of work and love, pragmatism and creativity.  You might not be sick, but you won’t be completely well, either.   Creativity doesn’t have to be writing, or sculpting or any traditionally artistic pursuit, really.  People can be creative in whatever work life they have chosen, in their family lives, in their recreational activities.

Right now, I need to be applying creativity to my business. I need to do some revamping of our office management and procedures because things aren’t working so well administratively/financially.  This is a new thing for me, as I have always just done what I had to, administratively.  It’s not my strong suit.  But I have to make it better.  Thus, thinking creatively, outside the box.

I always have tried to put creativity in my WORK:  medicine can be, and I will argue should be, a creative pursuit.   I have to create the right milieu for each patient, come up with creative solutions to help patients follow through in pursuing good health.  Sometimes I make things up as I go along.  Not diagnoses, at least not on purpose.  But treatment is an art form.  Yes, there are the ‘standard of care’ medications and procedures.  I will always try to follow them- ‘evidence-based medicine’ as it is now called.  It is important to know what works statistically and to give patients the best care from that perspective.  But so much of what we do in medicine is beyond that.  How we deliver information:  the diagnosis, the options, the progress report.  How we help patients make decisions:  hands on, hands off- personally I think the doctor and patient should act as a team whenever possible, but that is not always reality.  Some patients decide for themselves and disregard my guidance, others want someone to decide for them completely.  How we prioritize issues.  How we interpret what patients tell us.  There are so many nuances.  That is the art of medicine.  We can’t turn it into a machine that takes data, churns out a diagnosis, chooses a treatment and moves on to the next case.  If we did that, we might as well just be computers.  That seems like what some insurers and politicians think about medicine.  But it will never work for the patients.

So there’s my morning rant on the creativity behind medicine.  My writing is a whole other story.  Stay tuned.



  1. Your blog (at least to me) has always been a wonderful glimpse of what it means to be a mindful, balanced human being. You educate your readers about health and wellness without lecturing- which takes grace and creativity in it’s own right- but you’ve also written about your family, and your own ups and downs in a way that helps the reader (at least THIS reader) trust the advice because your personal posts remind the reader that you are very much a human being- just like your reader. That sense of identification makes the reader want to stay engaged with whatever the next “chapter” is… So maybe you don’t need a particular focus… Write what engages your heart and your mind and let the reader take away from it what they will… The Field of Dreams has that famous quote: build it and they will come. So to you Dr. Kaplan: write it and we will read. Hope that feedback helps!

  2. Or… In “medical” terms… I don’t think you need a specific theme… It’s ok to let it be, “Blog: NOS.”


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