Posted by: drrozkaplan | January 16, 2012

Time to Move On

I don’t know if anyone logs on to this site anymore.  I haven’t posted in a very long time.  I sort of lost steam for a variety of reasons:  1.  I was writing other things

2. I had no regular schedule for blogging and I went from posting frequently to not posting for weeks, to posting now and then.  I don’t think this was helpful

3. Here’s the main issue:  This blog was set up in conjunction with the release of my book, ‘The Patient in the White Coat’ in 2010.  Other than just getting out there and writing, I had no focus for the blog, and I wrote about a lot of different things.  I started to feel like the world didn’t need one more person just yakking about this or that.

So I am beginning a new blog.  It’s called doctorswrite and the URL is  So check it out.  It’s focused on one of my great loves in life: Narrative Medicine.  It’s basically stories about practicing medicine, comments about issues in medicine, and medical information hopefully presented in a fun and accessible way.

Hope I’ll hear from you through doctorswrite!



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