Synopsis of Patient in the White Coat

The Patient in the White Coat chronicles the years I spent battling hepatitis C.  I was a newly-minted doctor, fresh out of residency training, and I had a brand new baby, my first, when I was diagnosed with hepatitis C, a bloodborne virus that in most cases, including mine, becomes chronic and slowly destroys the patient’s liver.  It was 1990, and the virus had just been isolated.  The only treatment was experimental, and the odds of remission were not very good.  ‘Cure’ was a word that was not used when discussing hepatitis C.

While many patients were loath to become research subjects, I knew that doing nothing was not a choice for me.  I signed on for the study.  It would not be the only study I would participate in, trying to eradicate the virus from my liver and bloodstream.  The book tells of my medical adventures and misadventures.  But more importantly it tells about what it was like to live through years of fighting a disease, not so much being sick, but just knowing it was there and that I needed to get rid of it, and how that affected me as a wife, a mother, and a doctor.

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  1. hi roz,
    i had no idea. not sure if i missed this in my myopic view back then, or i was actually “left” in the dark, but i did not know. now that i do, i am ever more amazed that you are such a great mom, wife, and sister in law. you have done a FANTASTIC job with your kids, your husband, and my parents (:)), and i love you for all this, and for being you.
    thank you for being a part of my family, and life, and for being such a great partnerfor my brother. he is a lucky guy,


  2. Roz

    After a lapse in communication of many years I had dinner last night with Elyse Seidner Joseph and she told me that you live not far from her and that she’d seen you not long ago (not to mention that some of her friends are among your patients). After our dinner I found your blog (I hadn’t known your married name) and am now reading it for going on 2 hours rather than getting ready for work. Its good to know that you’re out there in the blogosphere. Should you want to catch up, email me at the address above

    Melissa (Zelen) Neier

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